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Solar Led Lawn Light

Solar Led Lawn Light

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Emitting Color

1.Makes Your Home Look Like A Getaway Retreat Colorize takes a different approach by actually giving your home a warm ambient glow. Every time Colorize is on, your house will look like a vacation resort by the beach.

2. Create Your Own “Color-scape” Instead of just one boring light (usually white), Colorize showcases your home with 8 beautiful color modes. They are red, green, blue, white, color-changing rainbow. No matter what mood or atmosphere you want, Colorize will give it to you at the click of a button.

3. Perfect Holiday Light Looking for a little Christmas cheer? Halloween spook? Or 4th of July energy? The 4 colors do more than just please the eye, they actually celebrate with you! Tip: To kick the festivities up a notch, put them on “color-changing rainbow” mode.

4. Put Them Anywhere Just pick a place with soft ground and lots of natural sunlight. You can line each side of your driveway or walkway, glamorize your patio, or light up your garden. They also give large trees and flower bushes a mystical aura. You can really have fun with this. Just use your imagination.

IP65 Outdoor waterproof

Outdoor Garden DecorationWall Light
You can use it in rainy,cloudy,snowy weather outdoors
without worrying about moisture and bad weather

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Easy installation


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