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Portable USB Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Portable USB Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

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*1. 220ml large-capacity humidifier delivers 5-hour Continuous or 10-hour Intermittent deep hydrating and ambient night light to the car interior.

*2. Auto shutoff when there is no water in the water tank to ensure safety.

*3. Moisturize silently, without radiation, and moisturize you all day.

*4. Portable and small, the palm size does not occupy space.

*5. There is a DC5V USB output on its top, you can connect mini USB fan(not included) and night light(not included) to add more fun.



*1. Operating Voltage: 5V

*2. Operated Current: 400mAh

*3. Rated Power: 1.5W

*4. Spray Rate: 40ml/H

*5. Water Tank Capacity: 220mL

*6. Operating Time: 5-10h

*7. Product Dimensions: 80x80x103mm

*8. Material: ABS/PP/Silicone


Package Includes:

1 x Humidifier


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